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Another new age

Without doubt, we have entered one of the most disruptive, yet exciting and inspiring, ages in the evolution of business.

In the short time since we launched the Age of Human, we have pivoted once again.

Organisations of every scale, in every society and market, all over the world, are beginning to re-imagine their place, purpose, interdependencies and future conduct. Change in business is accelerating as the world and the people in it profoundly re-define their priorities, roles and entire attitude. We called this out pre ChatGPT and how right we were. That’s not a boast… but this is different. Generative AI is impacting every facet of society faster than any disruptive innovation ever. Period.

The question for all of us is what world are we all moving into? Is it still the consumer age, the industrial age, the digital age? Or something else? Something more important and much more powerful? ‘The age of AI’ according to Bill Gates.

We believe it is still the Age of Human. More so than ever. Why? Because it is the human application of the tech that will determine our futures and not the other way round.

But the pace of change has significantly speeded up, even beyond our expectations. And the direction of travel is almost unfathomable. Yes. Uncertainty reigns, other than the constant that is humanity comes first.

We are age of human

We are Age of Human. A voice of reason, sentiment and compassion. A protector of humanity in an increasingly digital world.

As a collective, Age of Human will make sense of the AI onslaught whilst positively aiming to explore the opportunities for a healthier, more sustainable future because of tech and not inspite of it.

And we will bring our young people with us. Alongside our eclectic mix of future thinking leaders, multi-disciplinary creatives, academics and entrepreneurs.

As a community, Age of Human aims to make sense of the new age of business in this new human age and explore the key challenges, changes and opportunities facing business professionals as we look to shape the future.

Together we will create inspired, thought-provoking, actionable ways in which business custodians can evolve their thinking, their relationships & collaborations and their whole outlook on what it means to be in business in the age of human, as business, and especially as education reinvents and transforms itself.

Why age of human still?

It’s simple. We are seeing profound change in the ways that people want to live their lives and in their expectations of others in society, including business.

Rather than reacting to very human change in traditional, in-human ways, business now needs to fully embrace change by making sure that humanity is securely reinstated to centre stage. More rapidly and more purposefully than ever before. The threat of chaos is real.

Our Aims

Central to our aims is the desire to make sure the human values that people are now looking for are re-instated in business – responsibility, purpose, trust, empathy, intuition, emotion, creativity, understanding, decency and meaningful interaction with the additions of integration and phasing.

What previously represented a single dimensional influence on society is about to become 3-dimentional in comparison as AI and ML enabled ‘bots’ fertilise for seamless integration. The subsequent phasing out of legacy systems and introduction of radically innovative solutions will bring with it efficiencies of magnitute whilst disrupting the very public IT services.

We want to build, with our community, one of the most dynamic, thought-provoking, change-making, human driven, business focused communities on planet Earth.

Beyond that, we aim, as a community, to show how business can evolve to be better fit for future purpose with human values in place and as the primary catalyst for business change.

Ultimately, we want members to be proud to be associated with our, their, movement. To state that they are members of – and living in – The Age of Human.


It is the inspiring members of the Age of Human community that will lead, inform, and advocate the ways in which business can become increasingly more human and better fit for human purpose.

We aim for the Age of Human community to provide guidance, be a catalyst and convenor, a curator and enabler. We will create a powerful network of diversity, bringing inspiring people together to share ideas and knowledge, concerns and experiences, ask vital questions and find actionable answers, through events, conversations, webinars, podcasts, Green and White papers, insight development and much else.

We intend to grow Age of Human to become a vibrant, thought-leading and valuable resource for members and a rewarding accelerator for actionable change throughout business.


1990 – 2020

A career in Sales

Treve Wearne has progressed a considerable career in Sales Organisations around the world in leadership and consultancy roles. His deep understanding and experience has led to robust methodologies and practices all designed to bring humanity back into sales processes and cultures.
1990 – 2020

Growing concerns

Over the years, Treve has become increasingly concerned that the sales profession and sales organisations have come under increasing pressure to achieve short term revenue goals that risks them not serving either their businesses, buyer communities or people well. The very real human issues faced by sales professionals in terms of mental well being, productivity, morale and much else have reached a critical point.

1984 – 2020

A career not in Sales

Steve Cook has developed his knowledge and understanding through conceptual thinking, brand and organisational strategy and leadership advisory roles in business, government and civil society, globally. Humanity and change have been driving influences for all his work throughout his career.

1984 – 2020

Growing concerns

Over the years, Steve has become increasingly concerned that businesses, leadership, and operations, are no longer fit for future purpose in rapidly changing human, working, consumer and social contexts – to the detriment of their people, communities and wider society.

2 July 2020

A chance meeting

Treve and Steve meet and talk at a virtual business event, during a pandemic and within the most profound change in business and society for decades. They share experiences, concerns and ideas. Both are motivated to keep talking.
2 July 2020
July-September 2020

A meeting of minds

The conversations started in July capture the imagination of both Treve and Steve. These continue in earnest and both begin to realise that the thoughts and growing concerns about Sales and business, that each of them has held for years, are the same, deeply held and must be addressed.
July-September 2020
Early October 2020

An epiphany

In the spirit of being the change they want to see, Treve and Steve decide to draft a Manifesto for Change to kick start A New Age of Business with humanity at its core. They both realise they cannot do all this alone so they decide to start a Movement for Change – with no idea where it will go.

Early October 2020
Mid October 2020

The Spark

During a zoom call with Nadio Granata, the Manifesto for Change is mentioned by Treve. He is already attending an event – ICE 2020 – that is being organised by Nadio. At some point, Nadio decides to let the Manifesto and humanity be the leading theme for ICE.
Mid October 2020
Late October 2020

The Fire

Nadio and Steve meet. They discuss the Manifesto for Change and ICE and agree that Steve could launch the Manifesto at the event. From this moment, an idea and a Manifesto become a Movement. Treve, Steve and Nadio decide to light a fire under Business.

Late October 2020
November 2020

The Flame

Treve and Steve decide to call the Movement towards a new, human, age of business AGE OF HUMAN. From this point, the Movement has a voice and the Manifesto has a place. A website is created, blogs are written and a rallying cry is established. AGE OF HUMAN gains a face.

November 2020
12 November 2020

The Heat

AGE OF HUMAN launches at ICE2020. From now on, the Movement is yours. You are living in the AGE OF HUMAN and you can make a real difference to making Business fit for future purpose.

12 November 2020
November 2020

The Warmth

After the extraordinary and positive reaction to AGE OF HUMAN at launch, Treve and Steve discuss future activities, collaborations and events with Nadio. All three realise that they are better working together and that our community will be much stronger with Nadio onboard.
November 2020
Late November 2020

The Fuel

Aspirations for AGE OF HUMAN rapidly grow. The contributions and ideas come thick and fast. A revised Charter is created and the website is overhauled. AGE OF HUMAN is ready to launch to the world.
Late November 2020
November 2023

The Fan

Public accelerated release of ChatGPT in November 2023 seemingly for profit-seeking reasons has had a profound effect on society globally. Any previous concerns for the safe governance of the roll out of this and related tech, has evaporated along with public confidence. 

(Updated by Nadio Granata 25/7/23).

November 2023

Be the change

We think that business is losing its way and that it no longer fully meets or even understands changing human needs in what is a rapidly changing world.

We believe that this is causing untold damage to business as a whole and specifically to the people, the humans, in businesses, the reputation of business, the opportunities for business to evolve and thrive and in the critical and ever-changing relationships with partners, buyers, communities and wider society.

We think this needs to change. We, together, need to proactively define a new age of business that is fit for purpose now, for future purpose in the age of human and that better meets the needs everyone business engages with and influences.

Age of Human is a start. With your valuable support we can turn an idea, a charter and a community for change into something that grows and fully contributes to realising a brighter future for business, humans and wider society.

A movement on a mission

Age of Human - Our Charter

This is a beginning but we expect it to have no end. We imagine it evolving and becoming more powerful as Age of Human grows and more people join our movement.

Re-imagining business

Age of Human is calling for nothing less than a complete re-imagining of business, it’s place, purpose, conduct, operation, responsibilities to the world and the people in it.

Real, human change

We believe that business needs to profoundly change but that we must understand fully what is driving this need – in humans, in value, in need for trust and transparency.

Purpose and profit

We must build on the growing understanding that business profit and purpose walk arm in arm into the future together. We have to debunk the idea that shareholder value is only derived by the relentless pursuit of profit.

For all stakeholders

There are serious questions being raised about the role of business in wider society. These questions are coming from employees, customers, investors, consumers – all humans, all stakeholders. We must provide compelling answers to their questions and demonstrate that business is addressing their concerns.

Business as place-maker

Business exerts considerable influence on the individuals, communities and society that it resides in. Its role in place-making is vital and business must both recognise and meet its responsibilities in these areas more completely in the future.

Society by design

Business can and should deploy its capabilities in innovation and intelligence, diagnosing viability, feasibility and desirability, creating simplicity and growing humanity to engage in social design with and for communities.

Better understanding

We recognize that change is coming at an accelerated pace and that it affects everyone in business in very different ways. We must understand these causes and affects better, address them fully and re-define how business thinks about itself and the roles within it.

Serving humanity

We believe that business needs to be more virtuous, aggregating its people’s individual virtues, morals and behaviours to collectively better serve humanity. We must ensure that those working in forward-looking companies, their values and moral priorities such as compassion, forgiveness, humility, wisdom can be fostered, encouraged and celebrated in the business community.

Recognition and reward

We passionately want those virtuous companies to be recognised, become stronger and more competitive because of their behaviour, processes, actions and contributions to those they serve – their customers, markets, business community and humanity.

Enlightened leadership

Business and society needs better, higher-achieving, more purposeful, more human, and better-connected leaders. We must encourage leaders to not only exemplify the finest human behaviours and attributes but inspire them in others and create the environments for these behaviours to flourish.

Positive legacy

We want these inspiring and future facing leaders to be recognised for the ways they steer their businesses and their people. We recognize that leaders are not always at the top of organisations but that if allowed to shine they can make profound differences.

Balancing priorities

Business can only meaningfully change and be better fit for purpose in the age of human when there is a better balance between shareholder and stakeholder priorities. We need to prove to shareholders that they will gain and grow much more if the business is able to demonstrate stakeholder value and contribution more effectively.

The cost of efficiency

We have reached the point where the relentless, single-minded pursuit of economic efficiency and maximum productivity in all areas of business is beginning to have a negative effect on people inside and outside business. We must recalibrate our thinking to create a better balance between efficiency and humanity.

Transparency and trust

Business is increasingly accountable in the court of public opinion. We must ensure that business not only becomes more transparent but that it has reasons to celebrate and actively seek this opinion. In this way, good business will gain unrivalled trust, respect, longevity and undoubted reward.

Better together

Interdependency in business has never been more pronounced than now. We must ensure that the era of silo mentality is finally fully broken down. The deliberate policies, strategies and culture of divide and conquer that have marked business for decades need a radical re-think.

Fit for human purpose

Every component part of business and businesses, from sales to HR, marketing to business process, boardroom to technology, needs to be completely re-evaluated and designed in order to be better fit for human purpose. We can and must do this together.

With passion

We love humanity


We have watched with growing concern and sadness the ways that businesses have evolved to the point that human engagement, in any meaningful and beneficial way, has been lost. We have seen and experienced the profoundly damaging affect this can have on individuals and teams within business and in their ability to engage fully with their buyers. We want to change this by re-humanising business and business behaviour.

We love business


Business is one of the fundamentals of life. Its history and development fascinate us, it’s role and importance both thrill and concern us. Business is where significant numbers of people spend their working lives. It is where almost every one of us goes to get the things we need. Business affects us all and its place in society is growing.

We love technology


We are determined to change business and to re-humanise business but we recognise that the best way to do this is through the development of new technologies in combination with new, human behaviours. It’s a difficult balance but a challenge that we believe we can resolve through enormous heart, willpower, learning, expertise, experimentation and an obsessive need to get it right.

We love people


People are fascinating. We love the energy, the debate, the emotion, the challenges and the sheer diversity of the people we meet and learn from. We are inspired by their thoughts and ideas, their concerns, their fears, their hopes and dreams. We hate to see the distress that people go through in the course of their working days and we want to do all we can to bring out the best that people can be and experience whilst reducing the worst.

We love the challenge


We recognise that not everyone will agree with our approach but we celebrate differences of opinion, ways of working and aspirations. After all, one of the key parts about being human is that we are all different and we all want different things at different times. This is precisely why we believe in a new age of business that understands and responds to these human differences in ways that benefit everyone, everywhere.

We love life


Life is precious. We don’t like seeing anyone wasting a moment of it. We want everyone to be able to make the most of the time they spend with each other, as colleagues, teams, friends. We want to make sure that all the moments that make up the business experience are as positive, productive and valuable as possible for all the people involved.

With Attitude

Age of Human has been founded by three people, Treve Wearne, Steve Cook and Nadio Granata, who have very different backgrounds but a shared, visceral passion for business, humanity and meaningful change.

Although we have never met, we have built a strong virtual relationship based on our shared view that business is an incredible, vital and vibrant force in the world but that it must profoundly change and that now, the compelling reasons for change are clear and essential.

It turns out, over many conversations, that we have each held the conviction that business has been losing its way for years and in our own ways we have each contributed to creating positive change in organisations around the world for decades.

We realised that a vast number of business professionals feel the same way but that they may have never had a place to share their own experiences, concerns, aspirations and ideas.

So, we decided to do something about this. Age of Human is it and now it’s yours too.

Join Us

It is early days for Age of Human but with your valuable support, inspiration and enthusiasm we are going to grow our movement and create a vibrant community for change that you can be proud to be a part of.

Please find out more about our community members, upcoming plans, current insights and how you can contribute and benefit by joining our LinkedIn Group or commenting in our ‘with voice’ section.

Join The Movement

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With Voice

Our ‘with voice’ section is where we put our blogs, insights, news and events information. We are starting small but aim to build this over time. We also want you to be able to comment and contribute your thoughts and ideas here to help create the rich content for others to see and gain from.

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Vow of positivity

As a members of the AI Collective, we hereby make the following vow of positivity:

Belief in Potential

We pledge to believe in the potential of Artificial Intelligence, recognizing its power to enhance human capabilities, streamline tasks, assist in research, make accurate predictions, solve complex problems, and overall, improve the quality of human life.

Constructive Criticism

We commit to providing constructive criticism when addressing the limitations or faults of AI, focusing not only on identifying what is wrong but also on suggesting ways to improve, evolve, and make steps towards better, more efficient results.

Optimistic Outlook

We promise to maintain an optimistic outlook towards the future of AI, acknowledging the challenges while firmly believing in our collective capacity to address, overcome, and learn from these difficulties.

Positive Reinforcement

We will employ the principles of positive reinforcement in my AI research, rewarding ‘good’ decisions to promote beneficial behaviour in AI models while continuously learning from ‘unwanted’ results.

Promotion of Ethical AI

We will uphold the commitment to promote AI that is beneficial to humanity, adheres to ethical guidelines, and fosters positive outcomes. This includes consistent efforts towards AI safety, robustness, transparency, fairness, and accountability.

Collaborative Mindset

We pledge to foster a collaborative environment, valuing cooperation, mutual respect, and open-mindedness within interdisciplinary teams working on AI research and development.

Addressing Negative Aspects:

However, we also recognize that a vow of positivity does not mean ignoring the negative aspects or potential harm. Instead, we commit to:

Responsible Stewardship

Understand and take seriously the responsibilities of AI development and usage, acknowledging that every technological advance comes with potential drawbacks and ethical concerns.

Open Dialogue

Engage in open dialogue about the challenges and potential downsides of AI technology, realizing that it’s in this honest and transparent discussion where robust solutions and advancements are often found.

Readiness to Adapt

Be ready to adapt and modify AI models and applications as necessary when they lead to unintended or harmful outcomes, viewing these instances not as failures but as opportunities to learn and improve.

Holistic Consideration

Prioritize the well-being of society, considering the societal and individual implications of AI and taking steps to mitigate potential harm, such as job displacement or privacy issues.

We take this vow as a commitment to the power of positivity, not as a dismissal of reality, but as an essential balance to navigate the path of AI development and usage responsibly, ethically, and optimistically for the betterment of humanity.

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